VACOMASS® blower management

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  • Software to control the operation of several blowers in a system
  • Each single blower can be operated in its economical efficient range
  • So total energy consumption for the aeration process can be reduced[/column]

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The VACOMASS® flow conditioner is a patented mechanical high grad stainless steel tubing component, which will be installed in front of the VACOMASS® flow meter and control valve if straight piping is not sufficient after elbows, changes in pipe diameter, other armatures or after compressors and blowers (if flow is pulsating due to propeller blades).

The flow conditioner reduces swirl flows, is smoothing the flow profile with a low pressure drop only and provides reproducible flow conditions at the measuring point. The precise measurement of flow is necessary to control the air distribution precisely and thus makes finally energy savings possible.

Using the COMBIMASS® flow conditioner the straight inlet and outlet piping can be reduced in most cases to 7*D.The flow conditioner are of rugged design, insensitive to dirt and humidity. They guarantee highest measuring accuracy.

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