Máy quan trắc nước process online UV-6101

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  • Any UV Absorbing Chemical
  • Many Reagent Assisted   Parameters
  • Consult factory or catalog for specific parameters


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  • Continuous, On-Line
  • Automatic Monitoring of
  • up to Eight Sample Lines
  • Multiple Parameters
  • Multiple Detection Ranges
  • Multiple Data
  • Output Capabilities
  • Multiple Concentration
  • Set Point Alarms
  • Continual Self Diagnostics with Alarm

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  • Municipal Potable Water
  • Surface Water Treatment
  • Well Blending
  • Ion Exchange Breakthrough
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Process (with filtration)
  • Effuent (without filter)
  • Cooling/Boiler Water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Plating Bath Adjustment
  • Leak Detection[/column]

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  • Multiple Wavelength UV
  • Absorbance Detection System
  • Integrated Multiple Sample
  • Line Manifold
  • Automatic Zero and Clean
  • Internal Data Logs
  • Benign, Inexpensive
  • Reagents
  • No Specific Ion Electrodes to Clean or Replace
  • Simple to Use
  • Operator Interface[/column]
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  • ChemScan® On-Line Analyzer can automatically provide operators with timely process chemistry measurements, without the need for frequent manual sampling or laboratory analysis. These measurements can be used to
  • Assure Process
  • Conformance
  • Control Energy and
  • Chemical Costs
  • Improve Process
  • Performance[/column]

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