INSTRUM® Pressure regulators for gases

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  • Nominal size DN 15-100 / ½“-4“
  • Setting from 2 to 500mbar
  • Also negative settings can be realized
  • Regulator and back pressure regulators
  • Bubble-tight, soft seal
  • Modular design system with many options
  • ATEX-certificate[/column]

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Stainless steel pressure regulators are used where operation and installation situation require high-grade materials. These requirements are different and depend on the application: corrosion-proof (e.g. sour gas), not sensitive to condensate, sulphur or salt containing atmospheres, best possible surface quality for food and pharmaceutical applications, high flow rates and high dynamics.

Based on the modular design system, it becomes easy to specify the regulators to meet specific project-related requirements. These are type of housing, regulator function, kv-value, type of connection, range of settings, kinds of materials, and options for the control of differential pressure for completely different tasks.

When inerting flammable liquids, especially many solvents, explosive atmospheres can occur. In the-se applications, special certificates and permissions (e.g. ATEX) can be necessary to operate the regulators within its intended design capabilities.


  • Standard-inerting with pressure regulators and back pressure regulators
  • Well defined change in setting with D-option for the regulators and back pressure regulators
  • Blanketing with variable pressure, conveying