INSTRUM® Precision Pressure Regulators

INSTRUM® is working successfully world-wide for more than 30 years in the development, construction and manufacturing of pressure regulators for tank blanketing and inerting. INSTRUM® pressure regulators can be generally used in liquids and gases, particularly in corrosion-proof applications.

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  • Very high kv-values related to the size of the regulator
  • Therefore also very high flow throughput
  • Compact design
  • Highest accuracy of pressure control
  • Optimized for low pressure drop[/column]

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Precision pressure regulators are used above all, where varying supply pressures should be equalized. Using a diaphragm, pressure is measured and compared with the nominal value (can be adjusted via the spring or dome pressure).The seat of the valve is adjusted via resulting forces, continuously and automatically.

Our precision pressure regulators for liquids are characterized, particularly that they fulfill application-specific requirements regarding highest accuracy of pressure control, having a compact size and high chemical resistance (e.g. bio ethanol, bio methanol, RME up to 100%, aggressive acids and caustic solutions). Furthermore, they keep the outlet pressure constant with deviations in a few millibar even if inlet pressure has high variations in load.

They can be used in all liquid media and mixtures such as water, acids, caustic solutions, alcohols and solvents of all kinds and/or for all fuels such as gasoline, Diesel, biodiesel (RME), aviation gasoline, methanol, ethanol, gasoline mixtures E5 to E100 and Diesel mixtures B5 to B100.

All appropriate products with usual European standards like e.g. Pressure Equipment Directive and ATEX

Besides the typical American process connections NPT, ANSI, etc, also the European standard connections are available. Different construction materials meet to the requirements regarding corrosion and chemical resistance. An IP-transducer can realize changing settings in the regulator accordingly.


  • Building of test bench
  • Filling lines
  • Conditioning of liquids, especially fuel conditioning for engine test stands
  • Construction of plants and equipment
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