COMBIMASS® Gas Analyzer station GA-s Click!

Fully Modular System

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  • Gas analysis Modules for CH4 (Methane), CO2 (Carbon-
  • dioxyde), O2 (Oxygen), CO (Carbonmonoxyde), H2S(Hydrogensulphide), NH3 (Ammonia), and further modules for additional gases
  • Analysis of up to 10 different gas sampling points (Standard:1)
  • Gas flows from different sampling points having high differences in concentration of e.g. H2S, can be feed through two gas modules with different operation ranges to achieve high accuracy (H2S-filter control)
  • Data storage via GSM/GPRS to a web-server, world-wide data access possible, alarm messages can be set and transferred via e-mail[/column]
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Combimass_GasanalysestationThe fully modular Analyzer System GA-s Click! is an easy but effective system for on-line gas analysis of sewage gas, digester gas and landfill gas. The system was developed to get high availability of data, easy maintenance and possibilities of extensions. The GA-s Click! system will allow to the user a higher flexibility compared to other on-line analyzer systems. A typical GA-s Click! installation contains all necessary components like gas analyzer modules, pump modules, filter and valve modules with a special expected operation time. Therefore a check and replacement during maintenance after a certain amount of time is necessary.

This guarantees very few interrupts and small time for maintenance and repair. All basic maintenance work can be done at site by a local qualified electrician/electronic specialist.

COMBIMASS® Flow meter can be connected with the analyzer cabinet and gas flow will be automatically corrected by actual gas composition. Furthermore also temperature probes and/or dewpoint sensors can be connected with the SPC in the analyzer cabinet to calculate the dry gas flow. Different possibilities to transfer the data to customer´s PLC are available, e.g. MODBUS, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, analog signals 4-20 mA and others. For outdoor installation a fully climatized cabinet can be supplied if required

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