VACOMASS® control valve

• Square diaphragm control valve with central or falling flow axis • Range 0 – 100%, gas-tight at closed position • Supplied as a unit with an electrical multi-turn actuator for sensitive control of the air supply • With a low-pressure drop • Valve is optimized for very small steps


VACOMASS® control valve is a square diaphragm control valve with a central or falling flow axis and with a mounted electrical drive for sensitive and precise regulation of air flows even with tangential flow profiles. It is the control device of the local control loop.

Using the control valve with a falling flow axis due to its construction possibly formed condensate water cannot jam up in front of the valve.

Both types have a stable and nearly linear control characteristic in accordance with standard DIN EN 60534-2-3 for control valves and in accordance with ATV guidelines a pressure loss < 10 Mbar at nominal airflow. Stem and sliding plates are made of high-grade stainless steel. The stem is equipped with an automatic perma-lubrication system.

The connected electric drive for the control of airflow was optimized for the smallest step sizes and open/closed operation (when intermittent aeration is realized) and can be operated with -25 to +60 °C ambient temperature. In the housing of the drive, heating is integrated. It is dust and waterproof.

An electronic position indicator announces the opening degree of the control valve to the VACOMASS® modules, in which the simultaneous flow profile correction takes place.

Under some circumstances the simultaneous flow profile correction is in most cases not necessary: - If straight inlet and outlet piping for the flowmeter is sufficiently high, so the changing position of the plate in the control valve has no influence on the flow signal (regular flow profile) - If a control valve with a central flow axis is used and the measuring section is optimized by Binder

The local adjustment is realized directly from the VACOMASS® master or slave module. Using VACOMASS® basic only the adjustment must be done by the customer´s PLS or the SPC. Alternatively complete control and adjustment can be realized using VACOMASS® flexcontrol.

Special types of equipment as e.g. control valves with pneumatic drives are available.