Tug fender

Tug fenders have to work harder over longer periods of time and under more adverse conditions than any other type of fender. Scissor nose pads are divided into 4 main types: cylindrical, M type, W type, keyhole type

  1. Cylindrical ship tug fender

Cylindrical rubber tow cushions are made from rubber with high wear resistance and good resilience as required by the application. The barriers are easy to install and remove with tools

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  1. W fender

W Feners are specially designed as vertical fenders for the bow and stern of tugs. The unique profile of W Fender is able to accommodate the tight radius and closely follow the ship's contours. It is built for extreme conditions. Its open-bore profile makes installation simple around almost any hull shape. W-Fenders are fitted using pins that run through central boreholes.

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  1. M fender:

M-Fenders can also be used for pushing. We provide a large flat contact surface to reduce hull pressure to very low levels – very useful when working with soft-bodied vessels such as tankers and bulk carriers. With its shape, the grooved profile provides increased grip and the M-pad can be easily mounted all around on flat surfaces and fairly small areas in the bow and stern of the tug. The large, flexible shape of the M-shaped fender reduces hull pressure when the train is running. This type of mattress is securely installed to the tow via fixing pins that run through each of its three legs. This cushion has a low weight per contact area. they can be mounted around very tight curves, secured by pins running through central drilled holes

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  1. Keyhole fender

Made of highly abrasion-resistant rubber. They are specially designed for tugboats & working boats and small ports. Cushions have typical standards and load absorption capabilities. The diagonal cross-section construction makes them very durable. Keyhole fenders have optional smooth or grooved sides to suit different friction requirements. As well as bows, Keyhole fenders are often fitted to the sides of ships and similar structures to form a simple pattern.

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