High performance marine airbags

Launching a new or upgrading a ship using night gas is an advanced technology. Overcoming the weaknesses of fixed launch rails, which limit the production capacity of small and medium-sized shipyards; The value brought is saving time and labor, high flexibility, reliability and labor safety, bringing comprehensive economic benefits. Because of its advantages, launching using air cushions is accepted by many shipyards around the world. However, traditional manufacturing methods of airbags, either manual wrapping or covering, still have many limitations, such as uneven surface cracking or delamination. As in the traditional process where air cushions are folded during vulcanization, insufficient pressure between the sheets negatively affects the performance of the air cushion. Our new patented airbag (air cushion) is made by mold instead of side-wrapping or multi-layer coating, which is the most technically advanced manufacturing process invented by our company with a number of layers. Brand ZL2015... The quality and surface of the air cushion are very good and excellent. The surface is smooth and there will be no air leakage problem

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