Various types of port collision cushions

Rubber fenders are essential products for every port and, more specifically, for each vessel. When navigating on the water with a substantial mass, the inertia of each vessel is high, making the likelihood of unintended collisions significant and potentially causing regrettable incidents that need to be thoroughly addressed. It is the high-quality rubber fender products, meeting stringent technical standards, that eliminate any undesirable factors mentioned above.

DPKT Technologies is a supplier of various types of anti-collision rubber fenders with:

  • Diversity in models, sizes, and different fender shapes
  • Compliance with the current technical standards specified in Vietnam
  • Provision of fender types that meet the specific needs of customers at different positions and port areas
  • Complete documentation and testing for the supplied goods

In addition to rubber fenders, DPKT also provides various equipment for port facilities, including rubber ladders, mooring bollards, bolts, and more.

Below are the types of rubber fenders supplied by DPKT, along with the accompanying specifications for each type of fender, for your reference as a valued customer or partner.

  PAGE 4 -Cone FendersPAGE 5 -Cone FendersPAGE 6 -Cone FendersPAGE 7 -Super Cell FendersPAGE 8 -Super Cell FendersPAGE 9 -Super Cell FendersPAGE 10 -Arch FendersPAGE 11 -Arch FendersPAGE 12 -Arch FendersPAGE 13 -Arch FendersPAGE 14 -Arch FendersPAGE 15 -Unit Element FendersPAGE 16 -Unit Element FendersPAGE 17 -Unit Element FendersPAGE 18 -Cylindrical FendersPAGE 19 -Cylindrical FendersPAGE 20 -Cylindrical FendersPAGE 21 -Pneumatic FendersPAGE 22 -Pneumatic FendersPAGE 23 -Foam Filled FendersPAGE 24 -Foam Filled FendersPAGE 25 -Roller Wheel FendersPAGE 26 -Wheel FendersPAGE 27 -D FendersPAGE 28 -D FendersPAGE 29 -Square FendersPAGE 30 -Tug FendersPAGE 31 -W FendersPAGE 32 -M FendersPAGE 33 -Keyhole FendersPAGE 34 -UHMW-PE Facing PadsPAGE 35 -AccessoriesPAGE 36 -AccessoriesPAGE 37 -AccessoriesPAGE 45 -Design & ManufacturePAGE 46 -Design & ManufacturePAGE 47 -Design & ManufacturePAGE 48 -High Performance Marine AirbagsPAGE 49 -High Performance Marine AirbagsPAGE 50 -High Performance Marine AirbagsPAGE 51 -Mooring Bollards

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