DMX ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor

Overview of products

DMX series ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor is a new series of ultra-efficient energy-saving and environment-friendly products independently developed by our company based on the original DM series motor, drawing on the advanced design and production experience of foreign motors.

DMX series high-efficiency modular motor is for supporting the deceleration motor service, using modular combination design, improving the efficiency of the motor, reduce the weight of the motor, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, parts reuse high, suitable for mass production. This series of motors is the main motor model of our company in the future.

Features and Advantages

DMX series ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor is fully enclosed, fan - cooled and squirrel-cage type. It has the advantages of novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and torque, good starting torque performance, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, safe and reliable operation.

Cast aluminum frame, with beautiful appearance, lightweight, good heat dissipation, high motor efficiency advantages, for the larger frame (frame size 180 or more), and cast iron frame optional, to strengthen the protection of the motor.

The technical conditions of the DMX series ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor comply with the requirements of GB18613 secondary energy efficiency, IEC 60034-30 and eu-cemep (IE3) international and national standards.

The main technical data

1. Rated voltage:380V

2. Rated frequency:50Hz

3. The degree of protection for enclosure: IP55

4. The type of cooling: IC416

5. Insulation class: F

6. The working mode is continuous operation(S1)

7. Accessories can be added as required, such as encoder, brake, temperature measurer, thermal protection, etc. See sample for type selection.

Main application areas

It is widely used in light industry, mining, metallurgy spinning, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and agricultural machinery.