DMP series three-phase asynchronous motor

Overview of products

DMP series motor with inverter device can realize step-less speed regulation, which is based on DM series three-phase asynchronous motor by Self-research and development and can reach energy saving and automatic control.

Features and Advantages

DMP series motor features High efficiency, wide speed range, high accuracy, stable operation, easy operation and maintenance. And mounting dimensions comply with IEC standards. The working mode is continuous operation(S1)

  1. CAD technology has been applied to the motor design. To adapt the motor to SPWM and PWM fed by variable-frequency power, the slot form of the stator and rotor and stator winding distribution is taken into consideration to obtain a suitable inductance value to suppress and reduce the negative effect caused by harmonics.
  2. The margin is taken into consideration when the electromagnetic load of the motor is designed, which can not only ensure the overload capacity of the motor at high-frequency operation but also keep constant torque output in low-frequency operation. The features of the motor are the strong overload capacity and it can withstand 150% overload of rated torque for one minute. The motor features excellent performance at a low speed. It has smooth torque at a low-speed operation and the motor runs without creeping. Furthermore, the insulation system of the motor is the insulation class F widely used by the international community, which is reliable and whose performance is excellent. For design, the mounting dimension of the motor is the same as the DM series of motors, which is convenient for clients to select
  3. The motor adopts an independent ventilated cooling structure. The axial independent cooling fan is located at the non-shaft extension side. The motor features high efficiency, low noise,simple structure and the motor is suitable to fit auxiliary equipment such as the encoder, tachometer and brake, etc, which assures that the temperature rises if the motor is at a low-speed operation will not exceed limited value.

The main technical data

  1. Rated voltage:380V
  2. Rated frequency:50Hz
  3. The type of cooling: IC416
  4. Under the condition of U/F,constant-torque speed regulation is form 3 to 50Hz and constant-power speed regulation is from 50-100Hz.
  5. Insulation class: F
  6. The degree of protection for the enclosure is IP54, which also can be made into IP55.
  7. The motor is a Y connection for 3KW and below whereas the delta connection is for 4KW and above.
  8. Accessories can be added as required, such as encoder, brake, temperature measurer, thermal protection, etc. See sample for type selection.

Main application areas

DMP series motor has been applied in transmission devices of speed regulation, such as steel rolling, cranes, transportation, machines, printing and dyeing,paper-making, chemical, textile, medicine, etc. It matches with different inverter devices. It with high-precision sensors can realize close-loop operation.