DLZLYJ extruder reducer

Overview of products

DLZLYJ series reducer is mainly a gear transmission device with a hard tooth surface and thrust bag matched with plastic and rubber screw extruder. The product design shall refer to the technical specifications specified in JB/ t8853-2001 《cylindrical gear reducer》. The machine has the characteristics of small size, high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise and high efficiency.

Features and Advantages

  1. Gear (shaft) using high strength alloy steel carburizing, quenching, blasting grinding teeth processing, high precision gear, high hardness
  2. The support structure of the output shaft is unique and can effectively extend the life of all bearings
  3. The case adopts the casting structure of absorbing noise, and can achieve the polyhedron installation
  4. High bearing capacity, low noise, high efficiency, long continuous operation
  5. Bearings, oil seals and other standard parts are used in the domestic well-known manufacturers of quality products, but also as required to choose imported brands

Main technical data

  1. Size:112-450(See product samples for details)
  2. Speed ratio range:8~20
  3. Torque range: Maximum torque to 48000Nm

Application areas

Suitable for the production of various rubber and plastic products, the application range is very wide, can be used in a variety of extruder equipment such as:

  1. Tube extruder
  2. Sheet and sheet extruders
  3. Profile extruder
  4. Modified granulation