DLP modular planetary gearbox

Overview of products

DLP modular planetary gearbox is the company faces the market launch of a new generation of highly precise planetary gear speed reducers, Donly advanced modular design concept, flexible interface and installation, each module has a complete inventory, greatly shortens the delivery time, the greatest degree of meet the requirements of different users on the diversification of reducer.

Features and Advantages

  1. From the casing to the internal gear, uses the modular design, which is suitable for mass production and flexible selection
  2. The load distribution of the gear and its contact tooth surface is optimized by simulation analysis of the gear, body and planetary frame
  3. The input end of the product has four forms: coaxial, first-order bevel gear right Angle shaft, first-order helical gear parallel shaft and first-order cone-tooth - helical right Angle shaft
  4. Small size, compact structure, with high torsional stiffness
  5. Superior cost performance and fast delivery time.

Main technical parameters

  1. Size: 3-29(See product samples for details)
  2. No.of stages: 2-5
  3. Speed ratio range: 25~4000
  4. Torque range: Maximum torque to 2600kn.m

Application areas

Suitable for all fields with high-rated torque and low output speed, such as:

  1. Dry materials for the construction industry.
  2. Material filling for cement production
  3. Low-speed mixer and filter
  4. Food industry
  5. Pulp shredder for the paper industry
  6. Cooling tower fan, fan