DLF series parallel shaft modular gearmotor

Overview of products

The main parts of the modular gearmotor series are designed and manufactured according to the modularization and serialization, through the combination system of each functional module with its diverse choices, which can form a variety of different installation types, and can be converted into a new concept of deceleration motor. This series of products with standard or non-standard motor interface and gearbox installed in different ways, which can be directly coupled with different types of motor, motor are available without biaxial stretching coupling transmission scheme, the composition has many different types of installation type gear motor, but six bearing any installation for thought in stereo space, equipped with foot form with installation, flange and shaft, to meet the needs of different users. Due to its small size, convenient installation, simple maintenance, and economical use, it is widely used in the supporting equipment of various industries

Features and Advantages

  1. Adopt  "module combination" design. It can be changed out of tens of millions of types of "module" assembled by the reducer, any user of any demand, can be a short time to obtain the maximum satisfaction
  2. Two helical gearboxes combined with a motor (a multistage reducer) can achieve extremely low output speed;
  3. High transmission precision, especially suitable for frequent starting occasions, can be connected to all types of reducers and configurations of various types of motor drive
  4. More ratios satisfy the demand for accurate output speed.
  5. Gearmotor can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation in six positions.
  6. Sing two or three-gear reduction, by the motor drive high-speed level transmission power. The input center line is parallel to the output center line
  7. This series of reducers can be equipped with various kinds of motors, forming the electromechanical integration, fully ensuring the quality characteristics of the product
  8. Increased power capacity, lower noise and higher efficiency by grinding and modifying gears.

Main technical parameters

  1. The output speed(rpm):0.07-610
  2. Output torque: Up to 18000
  3. Motor power range(kW): 0.12-200
  4. Number of Ratios:520
  5. Transmission levels:2 or 3

Main application areas

It is widely used in metallurgy, power, port, food, ceramics, lifting, chemical, coal, cement and other industries supporting equipment