COMBIMASS® Hot tapping unit

  • The flow sensor can be removed during the operation Gastight
  • Removal also at higher temperatures and gas pressures is possible
  • Ball valve also with DVGW-approval available
  • Compact, rugged, reliable, without wear and corrosion-proof
  • Easy installation and maintenanceBinder_Combimass_Einschleuse_Produkt

The field transmitters of the COMBIMASS® eco series are suitable for gas flow measurement and cover a wide range of different applications. The instruments can be employed for process temperatures up to 290°C and are available in different explosion-proof versions. The flow transmitters apply thermal dispersion technology in order to measure directly the normal volumetric or gas mass flow, regardless of the operating pressure and temperature of the medium.

All units of the COMBIMASS® series are characterized by high-performance digital signal processing. Important features of the transmitter electronics for the purposes of practical operation are the temperature compensation and the opportunity to select different measuring modes (choice between constant current or constant temperature principle). The flow transmitter can be combined with a wide range of different sensors of the COMBIMASS® family and assembled individually according to the specific application. 

Combimass_Einschleusevorrichtung Using the COMBIMASS® hot tapping unit, the flowmeter can be removed gastight during operation for check and maintenance. It is available in three different sizes for sensors 12, 18, and 25 mm. the specific application.