Cable conductor soft hose IVG

1. Origin: IVG - Italy

2. Standard: rubber cover flame retardant according to ASTM C-542

3. Application: soft wall hose used as sleeves for cooling electrical cables. Elongation percentage: +-2% with a hose at working pressure.

4. Structure:

- Tube: EPDM rubber is black, smooth, insulated, and suitable for hot water transmission, water treatment, corrosion inhibitors and water-proofing anti-freezing agents.

- Reinforcement: high-strength synthetic wire.

- Cover: black, smooth (finished wrap), CR rubber insulated, weather-resistant, ozone, exothermic arc burning, self-extinguishing according to ASTM C-542.

5. Temperature: from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C, up to + 110 ° C shortly.

6. Specifications