YZP series three-phase AC motor for crane and metallurgy powered by inverter

Overview of products

YZP series motor is based on the successful experience of adjustable speed three-phase induction motor to research and develop the products. We fully absorbed advanced technology of adjustable speed at home and abroad in recent years. The motor fully meets the needs of high starting torque and frequent starting of the crane. It matched with different inverter devices at home and abroad to realize the AC speed regulation system. Power grade and mounting dimensions fully comply with IEC standards.

Features and Advantages

Three-phase AC motor for crane and metallurgy powered by inverter

refers to various types of electric drive motors used for walking, lifting, turning and metallurgical auxiliary equipment of all kinds of lifting machinery. The motor can be controlled by a frequency converter, which changes its power supply.

These equipments include bridge crane, portal crane, tower crane, electric hoist, roller table, rolling mill, converter and so on.

The main characteristics of this kind of motor is that they have higher overload capacity, higher mechanical strength and better dynamic performance, which is suitable for continuous, short or intermittent work systems.

The main technical data

  1. Rated voltage: 380V,rated frequency: 50Hz.It can also be based on non-standard voltage and frequency, such as 380V/15Hz,660V/20Hz.etc.
  2. Frequency range: 3 to 100Hz.Constant torque is from 3 to 50 Hz and constant power is from 50 to 100 Hz, Or change the frequency range on request.
  3. Duty type: S3 to S5
  4. The insulation class of the YZP motor is class F and class H. The insulation class F is always used in the field where the ambient temperature is less than 40℃ and the insulation class H is always used in the metallurgical field where the ambient temperature is less than 60℃. The degree of protection for the enclosure is IP54, which also can be made into IP55, IP55 and IP65. The type of cooling is IC416(Strong cooling fan cooling).
  5. Accessories can be added as required: encoder, brake, temperature sensor, thermal protection device, etc. The motor can be designed with a double shaft extension and handwheel.

Main application areas

It is widely used in factories, mines, ports, ships, construction power stations and reservoirs.