Roller and wheel fenders

Commonly used on docks and dock entrances, it is also commonly installed along the side walls of dry ports and restricted canals to guide ships and prevent damage to the hull. They are divided into two types: JZD-A rolling rubber guard and JZD-B wheel guard JZD-A wheel roller type is mounted on a fixed shaft reinforced by a special frame. Performance can be modified as needed by adjusting the initial pressure. The heavy-duty steel support frame is designed to allow easy access to all moving parts. Corrosion traps are eliminated, contributing to reduced maintenance life. Roller fenders are often installed along the walls of dry docks and other confined channels to help guide ships and prevent hull damage.

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Fender helps ships maneuver into wharves and narrow channels. JDZ-B cushions come in different configurations used for a variety of locations such as latches and dry port entries and contact corners. The wheel has a sliding axle in front of two passive rollers to absorb the greatest possible energy during compression of the wheel against the housing. Performance can be modified as needed by adjusting initial pressure

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