• kien pham
  • Aug 16, 2016

Genuine Warom explosion-proof lights are now available in Vietnam. As we all know, fire and explosion accidents often have very serious consequences, not only causing loss of property but also loss of life. One of the methods of fire and explosion prevention is to use safe, intelligently designed equipment to help prevent and minimize the causes of fires and explosions. And Warom explosion-proof lights are one of the typical products for explosion-proof electrical equipment.

1. What is an explosion-proof light?

Explosion-proof lights are specially designed lighting devices that help prevent the causes of fires and explosions. In different environments, people will be equipped with appropriate explosion-proof lights.

2. Warom explosion-proof lamp:

Grasping the importance of explosion-proof equipment, Warom, a large-scale corporation headquartered in Shanghai - China, has pioneered the production of explosion-proof lamps and explosion-proof switches, explosion-proof sockets,... Outstanding products are Warom explosion-proof lamps with a variety of designs and colors to meet customer needs: fluorescent lamps, headlights, high-pressure lamps... manufactured according to standards. European ATEX standard.

Đèn chống cháy nổ

Warom explosion-proof lights come in a variety of designs.

3. Warom explosion-proof lamp dealer in Ho Chi Minh City:

Currently, DPKT Technologies is proud to be one of the exclusive distributors of quality and reputable Warom explosion-proof products in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides distributing at reasonable prices, DPKT also has dedicated and attentive customer care service 24/7.

If customers are interested in our Warom explosion-proof lamp products, please visit www.dpkt.vn or send Email to: sales@dpkt.vn.

Instructions on types of explosion-proof equipment: Explosion-proof lamps.