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  • Aug 22, 2016

Explosion-proof lighting: An indispensable safety device for every home

Explosion-proof lighting is an essential safety device in the prevention of explosions for both households and businesses, big and small.

Annually, in Vietnam, over 1600 cases of explosions occur in various industrial facilities, offices, and schools. The number of fatalities due to explosion accidents reached 60 people, with approximately 300 injured. Additionally, property damage is estimated at around 4.2 billion VND, causing significant challenges for businesses and residents alike.

Fire and explosion prevention, as well as the mitigation of potential causes of accidents, are always a top concern for everyone. Nowadays, traditional electrical devices are being replaced with explosion-proof electrical devices, such as explosion-proof lighting. This is a simple yet highly effective approach.

As the name suggests, explosion-proof lighting is a lighting fixture designed to minimize the risk of explosions. In addition to its lighting function, explosion-proof lights are constructed with die-cast aluminum alloy housings that can withstand high pressure and are coated with durable electrostatic paint.


Explosion-proof lighting is also equipped with premium 5mm-thick tempered glass covers, capable of withstanding high temperatures. High-quality explosion-proof lights will meet stringent criteria for water resistance, dust resistance, energy efficiency, ease of installation, and maintenance. Protect your loved ones and your assets by equipping your premises with explosion-proof lighting.

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