• kien pham
  • Dec 11, 2015

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Binder Group is working internationally in the range of measuring and control equipment. Binder Group is active in the different process engineering markets and specializes in gas flow only. Binder Group has manufacturing plants in Germany and Switzerland.

Binder Engineering Service Companies, also based in China and Singapore, and further worldwide distributors are highly specialized partners for local sales and distribution. They advise competently and are found around all topics and ranges. Start-up and local service ensure high customer satisfaction.

Chief market segments are besides the industry the sewage treatment plants in which we collected experiences over decades. We offer delivery of equipment control concepts for the biological treatment of sewage to optimize the processes and reduce energy consumption.

A further Focus is the treatment of sewage sludge and the fermentation gas market, for which we developed completely special products to measure gas flow and analyze the composition of the gas according to the market requirements.

We offer measuring and control instruments for aeration air, biogas as well as all other process gases and gas mixtures:

  • Gas flow measurement
  • Gas analysis
  • Gas flow control
  • Gas flow calibration
  • Gas flow conditioning
  • Gas pressure control
  • Binder is an expert for the applications of gases– especially for biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas!

The INSTRUM AG belongs to Binder Group and manufactures in Switzerland pressure control valves, flow limiters and further safety instruments in Switzerland to protect explosively, corrosively and/or more sterilely processes with inert gases. Automatic mechanical controllers, independently working from auxiliary energy, can be used for tank blanketing, inerting and sterilization.

New developed highly precise pressure control valves can be used in liquids too such as fuels (in test stands) or highly corrosive acids, caustic solutions and solvents in the industry.

The BETA BV belongs to Binder Group and manufactures in The Netherlands high-quality pressure and temperature switches for practical use in each branch and industry. There are at present only a few switches available, that cover such a large area of application as BETA switches do.

Binder Engineering has been representing for many years the products of the companies Fairchild, Cashco and valve Concepts, which supplements the product range of the Binder Group very meaningfully.