Đèn chống cháy nổ Zone 1 thân kim loại SCHUCH-Germany e181/182


Sturdy design of high chemical resistance for application in rough industrial condition

Reliable, fail safe and long-life thanks to a special ex-protected quartz sand encapsulated ECG:


  • With high-grade quality features
  • “End-of-life switching-off system” i.e. at life end the fluorescent tube is safely switched off (worldwide first certification acc. to the latest IEC standards IEC 60079-7 with 2 safety circuits test 1 and test 2)

In compliance with the requirements of over voltage category III (standard = over voltage category II)

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Applications: Hazardous areas of Zones 1, 21 and 2, 22, e.g. paint shops, paint-spray linesand spray booths
Housing: Sheet steel, powder coated in white (RAL 9016); stainless steel on request
Glass cover: Impact resistant safety glass pane, frameless / hinged
Reflector: Hinged; white painted sheet steel; detachable
Central locking system: Operated by a 5mm allen key, hinges on the opposite side
Isolating switch: Switching off all poles when light fitting is opened
Optical indicater showing the actual position of the switch
Mounting: Suspension hooks (H8V P) or ceiling brackets (15A P), at extra charge (see accessories)

Wiring: Double channel ballast with “end-of-life switching-off system”
Connection terminals: Standard L1+N+PE, up to 6,0mm2
Cable entries: 3 entries M25 x 1,5 (2 glands,1 of them with plug and 1 screw plug)
LOOP-IN/OUT possible, for some versions temperature resistant cable is required
Through wiring system: 5 x 2,5mm2 through wiring or preparation for 5-pole
LOOP-IN/OUT at extra charge
Standard: Facing downwards or forwards