• kien pham
  • Jul 21, 2016

Đèn chống cháy nổ - DPKT Technologies

Brand introduction:

Currently on the market there are many companies specializing in distributing explosion-proof lights to meet the needs of customers. Among those companies, DPKT Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of explosion-proof equipment in Vietnam. Explosion-proof devices that meet international standards can be listed as follows:

  • Explosion-proof electrical cabinet.
  • Explosion-proof socket.
  • Explosion-proof switch.
  • Explosion-proof lights.

The above devices are all inspected and manufactured according to ATEX explosion-proof standards. Simply put, with ATEX standards, when an unexpected fire or explosion occurs such as an electrical short circuit or light bulb explosion, the inside of the device will explode first but will be isolated from the outside space. Therefore, it can be said that with this ATEX standard, explosion-proof devices will be absolutely safe in almost all cases, including devices installed in mines - the most dangerous place. 

DPKT Technologies explosion-proof lamp:

As mentioned above, Warom explosion-proof lights are a product of explosion-proof devices that apply ATEX international explosion-proof technology. This type of lamp is used to ensure absolute safety where you use it. It could be your beloved home, or it could be a harsh workplace like a coal gas tunnel, gas tunnel,...

Description of explosion-proof lights:

  • The outside of the lamp shell as well as some types with handles will be made of fire-resistant plastic (GRP) to resist corrosion and diffuse better.
  • The outside of the lamp also has a safety lock design to ensure absolute safety for the product.
  • Diverse types help customers easily choose.

Customers can refer to other products on our website.