• kien pham
  • Jul 11, 2024

Recently, the situation of fires and explosions has become increasingly complex, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about the value, significance, and importance of explosion-proof electrical equipment. This contributes significantly to ensuring public safety and creating a safe living environment, thus stabilizing social life. It also enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing fire prevention and fighting policies and laws in 2024.

On June 17, the Fire Prevention and Fighting University, in collaboration with DPKT Technical Development Service Trading Co., Ltd., organized a scientific seminar on "Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment in Industrial and National Energy Projects."

In recent times, the number and severity of fire and explosion incidents have been on the rise. These incidents have occurred in households, residential buildings combined with business production, crowded public places, and industrial facilities. Some of these fires and explosions have caused significant loss of life and property, severely impacting the living environment and social safety. In response to these alarming developments, it is crucial for organizations, units, and individuals to raise their awareness and actively engage in fire prevention and fighting, thereby stabilizing social life. The scientific seminar on "Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment in Industrial and National Energy Projects" aims to enhance community awareness about the value, significance, and importance of explosion-proof electrical equipment in fire prevention and fighting. It also provides practical information and solutions, combining education and training on fire and explosion prevention in industrial projects and national energy security.


Speaking at the seminar, Lieutenant General, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Lê Quang Bốn, the President of the Fire Prevention and Fighting University, stated that the seminar aims to ensure the safety of people and property. Additionally, the seminar provides significant contributions by offering specific information and practical solutions, supporting the educational and training efforts of the Fire Prevention and Fighting University, as well as addressing the current development of the electrical industry.

Currently, there are several issues related to explosion safety, such as some legal regulations not keeping pace with socio-economic development, and the effectiveness of fire and explosion prevention heavily relying on the zoning of explosion-prone areas. However, most industrial sectors lack specific guidelines on this zoning.

In their presentations at the seminar, speakers highlighted the current challenges in the design and selection of explosion-proof equipment in Vietnam, such as the lack of a national standard system and the shortage of specialized human resources. As a result, it is necessary to classify the explosion hazard levels for various projects and to raise awareness about fire and explosion safety.

Additionally, there were several proposed solutions, including the use and operation of electrical equipment in explosive hazard zones in industrial facilities and national energy projects, and the application of new thermal camera technology in industries and environments prone to fire and explosions.


Ms. Nguyễn Vũ Quỳnh Nguyên, General Director of DPKT Technical Development Service Trading Co., Ltd., analyzed and evaluated explosion hazard environments and explosion safety in the industry from two perspectives: the legal framework and both international and Vietnamese technical standards.

Ms. Nguyên highlighted several existing challenges and difficulties in selecting explosion-proof equipment, which could lead to consequences such as difficulty in determining investment levels, legal compliance issues, and challenges in selecting appropriate technical solutions. She proposed solutions such as including requirements for the use of electrical and explosion-proof equipment in the new Fire Prevention and Fighting Law and supplementing relevant regulations, standards, and guidelines.

At the seminar, experts, investors, and business representatives engaged in discussions to clarify questions about the characteristics and functions of explosion-proof electrical products and equipment. They emphasized the importance of careful equipment selection, discussed the causes of fire and explosion incidents, and provided advice to some investors on the design and construction of projects using explosion-proof electrical equipment.

  Source: dangcongsan.vn