• kien pham
  • Jul 24, 2014


Intelligent microprocessor-controlled emergency electronics with integral electronic ballast (EVG):

  • End-of-life protection" (acc. to the latest standards IEC 60079-7 with 2 safety circuits
  • test 1 and test 2)
  • Multi-function LED with coded indication of function, status and possible failures of
  • the electronics and batteries
  • Special signal whenever there is an EOL situation (flashing red LED)

6-1-2014 2-58-17 PM

Application: Hazardous areas in Zones 2 and 22 as safety illumination and as information or escape route lighting

Mechanical design:Housing: Glass fiber-reinforced polyester

Cover: Clear polycarbonate with internal prisms, hinged and detachable

Reflector: White painted sheet steel, hinged and removable

Central locking system: Operated by a hexagonal socket key 13mm

Isolating switches: 2 Switches cutting off all poles when the light fitting is opened

Mandatory optical indicator showing the actual position of the switch

Connection terminals: Standard: L1 + L1’ +N + PE, up to 2.5 mm²

Cable entries: 2 entries M25 x 1.5 (2 cable glands, 1 with blanking plug enclosed)

Through wiring: Standard with looping of mains cable at one end 3 x 2.5mm²

Mounting: Side fixing brackets allow direct mounting onto walls or ceilings.