ELM610 LED Ex-proof Torch


High-strength aluminum alloy housing is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable and secure grip, is hard anodized according to military 1 standard for extreme resistance to abrasion and corrosion, IP67. Made of power LED, high efficacy, long lifespan, maintenance free

  • Explosive gas atmosphere: Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Explosive gas atmosphere of IIA, IIB, IIC; T1-T6


  • Made of power LED, lifespan lasts to 100,000hours, maintenance free
    Battery indicator shows remain power and warning signal when low voltage
    Designed with advanced Optical Principles, making visual distance up to 500m and flash mode even reach 5000m
    High capacity Lithium batteries can support longer working hours and wide temperature tolerance
    High water and dust proof performance, reached IP67 and anti-corrosion
    High-strength aluminum alloy housing is smoothly sculpted for a comfortable and secure grip, with optional holder for fixed on helmet, angle adjustable
    Three stages Click-type switch: high output, working output, and flashing light
    Multi-protection: constant current with short-circuit and overvoltage protection

  • Explosive gas atmosphere: Zone 1 and Zone 2
    Explosive gas atmosphere of IIA, IIB, IIC; T1-T6
    Lamp wattage: 3W(strong light)/1W(work light)
    Light source: power LED

    Widely used in harsh and hazardous environments and industries of Petroleum Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Shipping Industry, Mining Industry, Military Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Power Generation Industry, Power Transmission Industry, Railway Industry, Public Security and Fire Fighting, etc

  • Ex-mark: ExdIICT6 Gb
    Rated Voltage: Led voltage:DC3.7V, charging voltage:AC220V
    Rated Wattage: 3W(strong light)/1W(work light)
    Degree of protection:IP67
    Luminous Flux: 250Lm(strong light)/120Lm(work light)
    Battery Capacity: Lithium battery 2Ah
    Light Source Life: ≥100,000 hours
    Battery Life: Around 1000 cycles
    Continuous Discharge Time: 8 hours for strong light/16 hours for work light
    Charge Time: ≤8 hours
    Outline Dimension: Φ32 mm×135 mm
    Weight: 120gr