BXT- W Series Explosion-proof Enclosures

Explosion protection to

  • IEC
  • NEC


Can be used in

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Zone 21 and Zone 22
  • Class I, Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups C, D
Tu dien chong chay no BXM- -W
Flameproof enclosure (Ex d 118) in aluminium alloy, formed of low pressure casting. 17 versions (external flange)
Cable entries can be drilled and components can be installed by user on request
Safety shall be considered when installing components according to related electrical standards
Special requirements on request

Cac loai tu dien chong chay no BXT- -W
Tieu chuan tu dien chong chay no BXT- -W