VACOMASS® calibration

  • Calibration is done in a closed loop taking installation situation, piping, pressure and temperature into consideration or in an externally certified Calibration Lab (certification according to DIN ISO 17025 by DAkkS)
  • Scaling is done against custody-transferred equipment
  • Simulation of real piping situation – original pipes of max. length of 12 m can be put into the calibration loop
Vacomass_camass_calibration_01In order to allow for simultaneous flow profile correction, mostly the VACOMASS® air supply and distribution systems are calibrated as a compact unit of control valve and flow meter. On the test stands of our CAMASS® Calibration Centre, the impact of varying valve positions on the raw signal of the thermal flow sensor will be determined precisely during that calibration.

In contrast to liquid media, the properties of flowing gases are far more dependent upon the operating conditions, the gas composition and the actual flow ratios in the pipeline. If these parameters are not taken into account, the measuring results will be considerably limited.

In simulating the field installation situation during the calibration process in our CAMASS® Calibration Lab, the influence of the piping layout on the flow rate measurement due to flow profile distortions may be compensated.

There are 5 types of calibration

  1. Calibration of the VACOMASS® flow meter under actual operating conditions in our CAMASS® Calibration Lab. This standard calibration will be done under the assumption that sufficient inlet and outlet straight pipe runs are available for installation of the VACOMASS®flow meter. Process parameters like temperature, pressure, installation details of piping and gas composition will be considered to achieve a high accuracy of flow metering.
  2. Calibration of a VACOMASS® configuration as a complete unit (VACOMASS® control valve plus VACOMASS® flow meter). This calibration includes in addition the flow profile correction depending on the opening of the VACOMASS® control valve. Correction can be done in a master, slave or basic module.
  3. Calibration of a VACOMASS® configuration as a complete unit (VACOMASS® control valve plusVACOMASS® flow meter) including simulation of the actual piping isometry (scale 1:1). This calibration includes in addition the flow profile correction depending on the opening of the VACOMASS® control valve.
  4. If there is not sufficient straight inlet and outlet piping available, if installation must be done behind a blower or compressor, which will produce flow pulsations, calibration of the VACOMASS® flow meter will be done in combination with the VACOMASS® flow conditioner as a complete unit.
  5. Calibration takes place in comparison with master calibration devices (and according to contractual requirements) on a DAkkS (German Accredited Institute) Calibration Lab using measuring equipment, which is regularly and traceable recalibrated by the PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt).