Polyester Emergency Light Fitting With Self-Contained Battery e841


In addition to the great advantages incorporated into our standard series e840. Our emergency light version series e841. Offers quite a number of further outstanding features:

  • "End-of-life switching-off system" basing on the latest standards IEC 60079-7
  • Multi-function LED with coded indication of the functions, status and potential failures of the electronic device and of the batteries
  • Special signal whenever there is an EOL situation (LED red flashing)
  5-29-2014 2-17-25 PM  

Application: Safety illumination in hazardous areas of Zones 1, 2 and 21, 22.

Mechanical design: Housing and battery box; Glass fibred reinforced polyester, battery box mounted to one front side of the main housing.

Isolating switch: 2 switches switching off all poles when the light fitting is opened.

Forced optical indicator showing the actual position of the switch. Separate switch for isolating the battery.

Cable entry: 2 entries M25 x 1,5 (1 of which plugged) both on the same side.

Reflector: Glass fibred reinforced polyester, hinged

Central locking system: Operated by a hexagonal socket key 13mm.

Through wiring system: Possibility for looping the mains cable up to 4 x 6mm2 (6 cores optional)

Cover: Clear polycarbonate with internal prisms

Gasket: Silicone, foamed

Optional: Internal through wiring system (4 cores min: L1+L1'+N+PE; or 6 conductors: L1, L1‘, L2, L3, N, PE)

Mounting: 2 suspension hooks (H8V P) or ceiling brackets (15A P) - see accessories spare parts.