DMPG series three-phase asynchronous motor powered by inverter for roller table

Overview of products

DMPG series motor is a high-performance motor, which is based on the motor powered by an inverter and roller motor.DMPG series motor is designed according to the international newest idea, which is based on the DM series three-phase asynchronous motor by Self-research and development.

Features and Advantages

DMPG series three-phase asynchronous motor powered by inverter for roller table features big overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide adjustable speed range and general-purpose characteristics. It can be used in the variable frequency speed regulation requirement working condition of frequent starting and braking.

The main technical data

The mounting dimensions of the DMPG series motor comply with IEC standards,and its mounting position is the same as the Y2 series motor. The main performances are as follows:

1. Rated voltage:380V,rated frequency:50Hz.The different voltages and frequencies can be designed on request;

2. The adjustable speed range is from 1 to 100Hz. Constant-torque speed regulation is from 1 to 50Hz and constant-power speed regulation is from 50-100Hz.DMPG series motor can be also used under the condition of non-inverter or inverter request.

3. Duty type: S1 to S9, S1 in the technical data table is only for reference.

The insulation class is F, which also can be made into H. The degree of protection for the enclosure is IP54, which also can be made into IP55, IP56, IP65, etc. The type of cooling is IC411(surface nature cooling), which also can be made into IC416.

4. The terminal box is on top,and the position of the terminal box is on the left or right side of the motor.

5. DMPG series motor can be fitted with an optical encoder, speed indicating generator, electromagnetic brake, etc.

Main application areas

It has been widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, architecture, building materials, irrigation works, electrical power, port, light industry,paper-making, etc.