• kien pham
  • Jul 27, 2014

“BETAMINI” The Quality Oem Switch

Over 35 years BETA designed and produced the best pressure and temperature switches for our customers.This has given us valuable and detailed experience of industrial needs.

It resulted in a high quality OEM instrument: the “BETAMINI”!The growing demand for high quality, reliable products has increased the need for better components. No OEM can afford to be less than certain about the components behind his nameplate!

Afterall, the weakest component determines your overall strength. The “BETAMINI” fulfils the need for a high quality OEM pressure-, and temperature switch with build-in reliability. BETA can deliver the right switch for your needs!

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The Beta Principle

A high quality, self-aligning diaphragm/piston sensor is the heart of a BETA switch. The limited piston travel translates pressure at the diaphragm directly to actuation of the microswitch, with no intervening linkages or mechanisms and with full protection against very high overrange pressure.

The piston sensor is isolated from the process fluid by a diaphragm and static O-ring seal, retained by a process connection port. These three are the only process wetted parts and are available in an extensive range of materials.

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