BETA Pressure Switches

There are a few switches for industry only which fit to such a wide range of applications like BETA pressure and temperature switches. High quality switches which fulfill required specifications can be supplied practically for each branch and industry. They are available in more than 10 million versions.

  • High quality pressure switch with various  approvals and certificates
  • Can be supplied as pressure switch, differential pressure switch or vacuum switch
  • Can be used also as a hydraulic switch
  • Also with ATEX-certificate


Various pressure switches, differential pressure switches and vacuum switches for different operation ranges (2-15 mbar / 12-1,250 mbar/ 0.3 -70 bar standard/ 80-3,450 mbar) can be supplied. In clean lubricating and liquid fluids, they can be used as a hydraulic switch too.

The terminal block which is as a standard always available realizes a secure and stable connection. They used only captive screws in the housing cover. Also as a standard, a grounding screw is supplied. For Ex-switches, they can be supplied additionally as an option, the required blue cable gland.
The whole design is very reliable.