Impressive Innovation Force
1910 The first mine-gas-protected light fittings illuminate the coal mines in the Saarland and in the Ruhrgebiet
1929 SCHUCH disposes of quite a considerable program of explosion-proof and mine gas explosion proof luminaires. The range of production of explosion-protected light fittings is a major sector within the whole manufacturing line
1952/53 Launching the material „glass fibre reinforced polyester“ in the sector of the explosion-protected luminaires
1953 First approval of an explosion-protected light fitting for single-pin fluorescent tubes
1985 After quite a substantial development work SCHUCH makes an application to the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig for testing an electronic control gear with regard to its explosion protection acc. to EN 50014 and EN 50017.
1986 Successful certification by PTB. SCHUCH disposes of the first explosion-proof light fitting for fluorescent tubes with electronic control gear.
1988 SCHUCH got the world-wide first certification of an explosion-proof electronic control gear for 2-pin fluorescent lamps.
1988 SCHUCH launches the world-wide first explosion-protected lampholder for 2-pin fluorescent lamps in increased safety“ protection.
1989 World innovation: First explosion-protected light fitting with ECG for standard 2-pin fluorescent tubes. A pioneering solution since from now on standard fluorescent tubes available everywhere could be used in explosion-proof light fittings, too. Thus, SCHUCH became the forerunner of modern explosion-protected light fittings for fluorescent tubes.
1998 Worldwide first explosion-proof light fitting for fluorescent tubes with ECG with „end-of-life“ cut-off system.
2002 Worldwide first explosion-proof light fitting for fluorescent tubes with ECG for ambient temperatures of +60°C.
2003 Radio interference suppression up to 300MHz.
2005 Conformance to requirements of the overvoltage catagory III. First certification of an explosion-proof emergency light fitting with microprocessor controlled intelligent emergency light electronic system, integrated ECG, „end-of-life“ cut-off system and for an ambient temperature of +55°C max. By now,
millions of SCHUCH explosion-proof light fittings for fluorescent tubes with ECG are in use
wordwide, last but not least thanks to the reliable SCHUCH ECG with a life of up to 100,000 hours.
2010 First explosion-protected light fitting for fluorescent tubes of Zone 2 and Zone 22 for application of the energy saving T5 lamp technology.
2012 Certification of the first LED explosion-protected floodlight, of emergency fittings and of Zone 2/22 compact luminaires.

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