Máy phân tích nước Onsite – PDV6000plus

Portable heavy metal monitoring for real time decision making onsite

The PDV6000plus is the most sensitive and flexible portable heavy metal monitor for water and soil samples available today. The system has a wide ranging capability with applications including Drinking water, River water, Wastewater and Soil with detection limits as low as 100 parts per trillion* (ppt).

Real-time screening analysis of water and soil samples is possible by any on-site technician. Water samples are analysed directly in the PDV6000plus cell with only the addition of a simple electrolyte. Soil samples require a simple extraction procedure to solubilise the metal into solution. Used in conjunction with traditional laboratory methods, PDV6000plus users have an exceptionally powerful tool for onsite testing. With results available in real time, decisions can be made onsite saving valuable time and money. Laboratory data can then be submitted for compliance if necessary. More importantly, better site characterisation can be carried out identifying pollution hotspots resulting in more efficient and more targeted action.

The PDV6000plus consists of a controller handset and analytical cell in a hard, waterproof case. The handset has an integral LCD display and rechargeable battery pack and can therefore operate as stand-alone instrument or in conjunction into a laptop/PC computer running its specially configured VAS (voltammetric analysis system) software. VAS is used to provide multiple metal analysis, more sophisticated analytical techniques such as standard addition analysis (to resolve any potential interferences) and blank subtraction. It gives the user a comprehensive display of generated data that can be manually adjusted to provide even lower detection limits. VAS also lists sample results that can be exported into any spreadsheet or work processing package. It also archives data and allows easy uploading of new analytical methods into the PDV6000plus.

The PDV6000plus has a low cost of ownership and no servicing expenditure. One set of electrodes lasts for several thousands of measurements. Fast and easy firmware upgrades means the PDV6000plus will always be up to date and able to take advantage of newly developed analytical methods as they become available.