Online OVA7000

Designed for the requirements of modern industries and Environmental Monitoring of Heavy Metals. The OVA7000 provides real time data on heavy metal concentrations in surface water, industrial waste water and process waters.

The Modern Water OVA7000 is the latest evolution of our widely successful OVA series, marking 20 years of experience with on-line metal monitoring.

  • Modular construction reduces capital cost
  • Low voltage DC operation (AC as option)
  • Internal reserve battery in case of external supply failure
  • Options for wired and wireless communications
  • Lightweight robust ABS enclosures offer improved protection
  • Reagent section can be separated from analyzer for installations where space is limited.
  • Single channel operation for simplicity

This model has been designed for applications in analyzer houses, unattended and remote sites where an integrated display is not a general requirement.


DC operation is standard as many remote monitoring stations operate on renewable energy or do not have AC supplies or where present they are intermittent.

Careful hardware design and ingenious software applications have reduced the power requirements of the OVA7000.


This is essential to the reliability and accuracy of any online analyzer. The OVA7000 maintains the high degree of flexibility for sample digestion and filtration available in the OVA5000 Heavy Metal Analyser.