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Real time heavy metal monitoring that puts you in control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The OVA5000 is the most accurate and flexible online heavy metal monitor available today. The system has a wide ranging capability with water applications including:

  • Monitoring waste water discharges to minimise the risks of exceeding consent limits and heavy fine being levied
  • Monitoring river water to immediately identify any sources of heavy metal pollution
  • Monitoring drinking water to protect from potential metal contamination
  • Improving process control through real time feedback
  • Applications are well proven with some installations running for in excess of 12 years.
  • The electrode analysis system developed by Modern Water has removed the need for any elemental mercury, significantly minimising potential contamination risks and disposal costs.

Data is accessible either via the built in PC or remotely via intra or internet. Alarm relay interfaces can also be provided to trigger events such as valves turning on or off. Connectivity to plant control systems allows fully automated responses should metal concentrations be out of specification.

The OVA5000 is designed to be accurate and robust with a minimum service requirement. The accuracy and reproducibility have been proven during customer trials. Typically +/-10%, often below 5%, which is within the usual reproducibility seen by conventional laboratory analysers, AAS or ICP.

Simple routine maintenance includes verifying pump calibration, cleaning the sample lines and analysis cells, typically a 30 minute task per week. In the unlikely case of component failure, new parts are plug and play, with expensive service engineering call-outs not required.

Modern Water provides global technical support, but where possible we try guide operators onsite to avoid callout costs. With the customers’ permission and capability our technicians can even make any necessary adjustments to a networked OVA5000 remotely.

Maximizing the economic and operational benefits of online monitoring for heavy metals whilst helping ensure compliance and environmental protection is what we’re all about.

 OVA 5000 Overview