INSTRUM® Low pressure regulators and relief valves

  • Adjustable from 2 mbar
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Integrated sense and drainage line
  • Modular design system for project-related assembling
  • Standardized design length
  • No additional power required
  • ATEX

Inertization process normally are working closed to atmospheric pressure. Therefore typical large diaphragms are required in order to transfer relative low pressures to sufficiently large closing and opening forces for the valve seat.

The instruments have integrated sense and drainage lines as well as standardized installation lengths. Thus ensures simple planning and assembling because the additional expenditure for a separate planning and assembly of the impulse line is not necessary any more. The sense and drainage line is large dimensioned, thus even under atmospheres which are inclined to crystallization or over salting, there is sufficient cross section for running off the condensate and for high dynamics of the regulator. In addition, two installation positions result with easier piping guidance and piping planning.

In large nominal sized pipes, usually wafer construction is preferred for use because of the light weight of the regulator and there are no additional reinforcements or supports of the pipe necessary.


  • Blanketing and Inerting in general
  • Low pressure regulators and relief valves for all kinds of chemical tanks and vessels