INSTRUM® Blanketing systems for aseptic applications

INSTRUM® is working successfully world-wide for more than 30 years in the development, construction and manufacturing of pressure regulators for tank blanketing and inerting. INSTRUM® pressure regulators can be generally used in liquids and gases, particularly in corrosion-proof applications.

  • Polished surfaces
  • Special process connections, e.g. Tri-Clamp
  • With reduced dead space
  • Self-draining construction



The use of regulators in blanketing systems for aseptic applications in food and pharmaceutical in-dustries require besides high surface roughness quality (electrically polished) some further specific solutions related to the design. INSTRUM® stainless-steel regulators offer a GMP-design to minimize or prevent bacteria zones (zones in process plants, in which bacteria increase easily and quickly because of higher humidity).

instrum_-low-pressure_rangeThe self-draining design of the INSTRUM® regulators provides a complete self- emptying and cleaning of the regulator. The diaphragm is isolated from the product area. A pneumatic pressure transducer is used to measure and control precisely under aseptic conditions. Only the measuring diaphragm of the transducer is in contact with the product area. This pressure transducer transmits the process pressure directly to the measuring diaphragm. Design-related niches and corners are thereby on the pneumatic side. With the INSTRUM controller the product remains clean and the process media will not be contaminated.

A typical procedure for safe sterilization starts with a cleaning of the plant via CIP-connection. After cleaning steam flow starts, the tank is flooded with hot steam 2 bar above variable over pressure. Temperature is measured at the coldest spot and if a time limit is exceeded, sterilization starts. After a certain amount of time, sterilization is achieved, the condensate will be removed and the variable pressure is reduced to the standard one.


  • Inerting of sensible media, e.g. in food production yogurt, mousse, etc
  • Inerting of highly sensible or highly critical areas (virologically, bacterially, toxically, carcinogeni-cally, …)
  • Gloveboxes