Flow conditioning

The patented COMBIMASS® Flow Conditioner are used in cases, where there is not sufficient inlet and outlet straight pipe run available ( see also DIN ISO 5167-1), to get in all flow situations a fully regular flow profile. Flow profile irregularities and swirls but also flow pulsations and backward influences of later installed components can be reduced and so the measuring accuracy can be significantly improved.

Binder_Vacomass_StroemungsgleichrichterDifferent types are available as standard versions: in-line type with fixed welded flanges or stainless steel seal curling and plastic-coated aluminum collar flange – to replace a pipe piece in new or existing pipe systems can be supplied having pipe dimensions DN50 to DN800. As well, a push-in/insertion type for existing pipes or a construction kit with loose components can be supplied as a simple module to the existing piping. This type is realized often in rectangular channels.
The COMBIMASS® Flow conditioner has a very low pressure drop and due to its geometry it can be used in dirty and wet gases like sewage gas or biogas too.

COMBIMASS® Flow Conditioner Flange Version

To achieve the desired accuracies using COMBIMASS® thermal gas flowmeter, a minimum inlet and outlet straight pipe runs must be considered when installing according to DIN ISO 5167-1 as a result of the actual piping, flow profile irregularities and the necessary calming distances. If no sufficient calming distances are available, the desired measuring accuracy can possibly be achieved with a special calibration of the mass flowmeter by simulating the actual site conditions in our CAMASS® Calibration Lab with the same field operating process conditions under real load conditions and even the same piping layout.

If there is insufficient inlet and outlet straight pipe runs (e.g. in very big pipe diameters or ducts) and if our CAMASS® Calibration Lab is not feasible to perform a special calibration (due to price or technical reasons), a precise flow measurement can still be achieved with the patented and precise COMBIMASS®Flow conditioner.

The COMBIMASS® Flow conditioner has a very low pressure drop compared to others and produces a defined and reproducible flow profile during turbulent flow conditions. Further pulsations (e.g. coming from propeller blades of compressors) and back flows which would affect the accuracy of the measurement are absorbed.

COMBIMASS® Flow Conditioner Insertion Type

The COMBIMASS® Flow Conditioner can be delivered as an insertion type for direct installation into an existing pipe.