COMBIMASS® Portable Gasanalyzer GA-m

ATEX-certified biogas analyzer instruments

  • Up to 7 gas analysis channels in an explosion-proof portable instrument
  • Optical infra-red analyser with temperature compensation
  • Powerful internal sampling pump
  • User replaceable sample micro-filter
  • Field replaceable/rechargeable battery pack
  • Up to 5 electro-chemical sensors plug-in expandable
  • Optional biogas mass flow measurement in Nm³/h with optional insertion sensor (incl. flow correction based on actual gas composition)
  • Pptional portable temperature probe available
  • Static pressure measurement as an option available

The new series of extremely robust, maintenance-poor and efficient portable measuring instruments represents a milestone in the development of mobile gas analyzers. All common requirements of the analysis of fermentation gas, sewer gas and dump gas from landfills are optimally fulfilled.

Due to easy to service structure, with modules plug-in and user replaceable battery packs, the systems can be extended at any time and upgraded to the newest technology.The data can be stored measuring sampling point-referred and can be read out to the PC. The internal data logger is very efficient.

The portable instrument can be put into the COMBIMASS® Docking station GA-s as a “2-in-1-solution” to expand it to an automatic, stationary analysis station with firm measuring program and many auxiliary options like integrated temperature, mass of gas and pressure measurement (for correction of gas flow by humidity and actual gas composition) as well as transmission of the data to the local PLC.

Servicing contracts with supply of spare devices ensure an availability of 365 days in the year.