About DPKT

Our company – Consultancy, Supervision, Engineering Design, Supplying Limited Company (English name is DPKT Technologies) – has been established since  2011.

We have specialized in supplying products and services of mechanical & electrical, automation consulting, designing, supervising and constructing for factories, industrial parks…Founded by 10 years experiences management and engineering team, we strike constantly for bringing the most excellent values to Customers’ construction projects that meet national & international standards.

OUR SLOGANS:“Flexible solutions for your business needs”

Here is business needs that you can get from us:

Our customize solution: DPKT is able to offers turn-key systems for Batch Processing, Material Handling, Process Systems and Machine Operations.  They are developed and built by our staffs in our facility to be integrated into equipment that we are modifying or manufacturing at our site or in the field.

  • Machine Control
  • Process Control
  • Hazardous/Explosion-Proof Location
  • Upgrade of On-site existing systems

Cement Production Line

More than 10 years experiences in Cement Industry, we are possible to provide customized solution for production line and logistic for handling and delivering finish product.

Concrete batching plant

DPKT services include design, reporting and evaluating building services, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and sanitary systems, energy audits and management, renovations, plumbing and drainage make-up air unit upgrades

Factory Automation

DPKT is a unique full-service Systems Integration Services company, with exceptional knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of information technology and automation expertise.

Electrical works & networking

DPKT is specializing in all aspects of electrical labor for industrial with over 10 years of experience engineers in the electrical services industry. We take so much pride in our work, we guarantee all of our workmanship AND materials for your convenience, we offer 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Service and protect you. We are fully insured and have a staff made up of licensed and experienced electrical technicians.